Our Community


Apr. 3 & 10

Be Our Guest Free meal 5:30-7:00 PM

Apr. 13

McGrorty/Sewell Wedding 3:30 PM


Palm Sunday

Apr. 17

Tenebrae 7:30 pm

Apr. 18

Seder meal- 6pm; Maundy Thursday service-7:30 pm

Apr. 19

Stations of the Cross 6 pm; Good Friday service 7:30 pm

Apr. 20

Easter Vigil 7:30pm


Easter Sunday and Easter Egg hunt 9:30 am

Apr. 28

Knitting Circle

Every Friday

Walking in the Parish Hall 10:30-11:30 AM

Every Thursday

Choir Practice 7:30 pm

Youth Grades 6 - 12

The Church of the Holy Nativity uses a number of resources to minister to and with its youth. One of the resources is a six-year program, for those in 6th through 12th grade, known as The Episcopal Curriculum for Youth. It equips them to make smart choices about tough issues. In the Episcopal tradition, it doesn't just give answers; it helps young people to find them.

Youth Program / Activities

Grades 6 - 12 meet 1st & 3rd Sundays at 10:45am.

Youth Sundays

First of each month - youth are greeters, intercessors, ushers and readers. The youth are encouraged to participate in the worship by playing instruments or singing with the worship team. Youth Sunday Music


Episcopal Curriculum for Youth


Prayer for Youth


Other Information

Another resource that we are using links current culture: music, current events, movies, and home videos to our lives as young Christian adults. See www.mediandministry.com for more information on this powerful way of making the Good News of Jesus Christ relevant and timely.

You may enroll or get more information about our program by emailing us at office@episcopalholynativity.org.

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