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May 1 & 8

Be Our Guest Free meal 5:30-7:00 PM

May 4

Mother, Daughter, etc. Tea 2:00 PM

May 15

Vestry Meeting

May 19

Knitting Circle

Every Friday

Walking in the Parish Hall 10:30-11:30 AM

Every Thursday

Choir Practice 7:30 pm

Spirituality / Faith

Spir-it-u-al: of or pertaining to the spirit or soul as distinguished from the physical.

Family and FaithAt the Church of the Holy Nativity we believe that one of our primary roles, if not the primary role, is to provide a place and an environment where those who come in our doors will find the means to experience an intimate and loving relationship with Almighty God in the person of Jesus Christ. This is not done overnight. Spirituality is a process of transformation. It is growth in holiness. It is evidenced by an ever-deepening love of God, self and neighbor. It is the metamorphosis of the whole person - head, heart and will. St.Paul describes it as a transformation of the mind whereby the mind becomes capable of discerning God's will (Romans 12:2). He proclaims in bold letters that the spiritual person is a 'new creation' (Galatians 6:15). He holds out the promise of a new life in which our old ways die and Christ is formed and lives in us (2:20 and 4:19). And he declares it to be a holy life that 'lives by the spirit' and is 'guided by the spirit' (5:25).

The programs at Holy Nativity, and the links below are all designed to challenge and open the mind, and transform and fill the heart, by encouraging an indwelling of the Holy Spirit, which in turns leads to a life of love, following the example of Jesus Christ.

Book of Common Prayer, 1979 (BCP)

The authorized liturgical service book of the Episcopal Church in the United States and used by all churches in the worldwide Anglican Community. It contains morning and evening prayers, Holy Communion services, the Psalms, Family prayers and a whole range of other prayers. The online service is provided by the Society for Archbishop Justus.


This is a wonderful discipline of daily prayer: morning, noon, evening and nighttime, that reminds us daily and constantly of God's presence in our lives. The daily office is available both in Spanish and English. The online service is provided by the Mission of St. Claire

At www.chrisitianity.about.com you will find a whole range of interests and topics that will both challange and strengthen your notion of Christian spirituality and yet help you deepen your faith. (Note: About.com is a commercial search-engine site, so you will be subjected to on-screen advertisements.)

At www.biblemaster.com you can find answers to questions, topics for bible study and any other questions or interests you have about Holy Scripture.

Adult Education Programs

The Healing Ministry

Members of The Healing Ministry study the healing miracles found in the New Testament. On the third Sunday of the month the Healing Ministry meets at 10:45am. Members of The Healing Ministry are available for healing prayer during communion on the first and third Sundays of each month. Usually two healing ministers will be at the back of the church for greater privacy and quiet. We recommend that you receive communion first and then come to the healing station.

Sunday Gospel Study Group

A time when we study the Bible, or read and discuss a book. It is also a time of reflection and prayer.

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